Dance back in time…

…with a series of day workshops from the Renaissance to the Roaring 20’s.

A historical dance class in Oxford

Upcoming Events

5th December
17th and 18th Century Basic Technique and Country Dances
13rd February 2016
15thC French Basse Dances and Tudor Dances

5th March 2016
Baroque and Regency Country Dances
23rdApril 2016
Dances during the Life of William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
Elizabethan and Early Stuart Dances

7th May 2016
16thC Italian Basse Dances
4th June 2016
15thC Italian Basse Dances
1st October 2016
Minuet Step and Country Dances
19th November 2016
Baroque Dance
(Unsuitable for Beginners)
3rd December 2016
16thC Italian Basse Dances